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Shampoo (1975)


Written by Tim Dirks

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Shampoo (1975)

In Hal Ashby's sex comedy farce set during a 24-hour time period on November 4th, 1968 when Richard Nixon won the presidency:

  • the numerous sex scenes between studly, liberated, seductive playboyish Beverly Hills hair-dresser George Roundy (Warren Beatty) and three women - all in one day, and his quintessential question: "Want me to do your hair?" - and George's inarticulate repeated expression: "You're great!" to all of his female conquests; and the sensual way that George 'did' his clients' hair in the salon
  • the love triangle between conservative, wealthy businessman Lester's (Jack Warden) mistress Jackie Shawn (Julie Christie) - George's old girlfriend, Lester's wife Felicia (Oscar-winning Lee Grant), and George's current pert girlfriend Jill (Goldie Hawn), an aspiring actress
  • Lester's seductive teenaged daughter Lorna (Carrie Fisher) - who wanted to avenge her cheating mother through sex with her hairdresser, with her forward request to George: "You're my mother's hairdresser...Do you wanna f--k?"
  • the scene of George having sex with Jackie in a steamy bathroom when interrupted by Lester (and they pretended to be doing her hair and telling him to close the door and not let the steam out)
  • the 1968 Nixon election-night victory dinner where Jackie groped between George's legs under the table - and her famous bold response to executive Sid Roth (William Castle): "Most of all, I'd like to suck his c--k!", causing George to do a spit-take and almost choke on a piece of chicken
  • the scene of Lester and Jill's stumbling upon George in a boathouse during a party - where he was having sex with Jackie, and Lester's amused first reaction (without knowing their identities) when a refrigerator door slowly opened, illuminated and caught Jackie and George in the act: "That's what I call f--king! Am I right, or am I right?" - then followed by George's innocent statement to an enraged Jill: "Honey, where have you been? We've been looking everywhere for you"
  • George's excuse told to Lester about his sexual proclivities with so many women: "How am I gonna tell you what they got against you. I mean, Christ, they're women aren't they? You ever listen to women talk, man? Do ya? 'Cause I do till it's runnin' outta my ears! I mean, I'm on my feet all day long listening to women talk, and they only talk about one thing: how some guy f--ked 'em over. That's all that's on their minds. That's all I ever hear about! Don't you know that?...We're always trying to nail 'em and they know it. They don't like it. They like it and they don't like it, it's got nothin' to do with you, Lester. It just happened"
  • the final long shot of morally-shallow, bleak miserable and hedonistic George looking down while atop a Hollywood/Beverly Hills bluff after losing Jackie to Lester


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