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Shane (1953)


Written by Tim Dirks

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Shane (1953)

In George Stevens' mythic western:

  • the lavish background settings of Wyoming
  • the legendary buck-skinned gunfighter Shane (Alan Ladd)
  • the scene of Shane and Joe Starrett (Van Heflin) chopping up a huge tree stump
  • young Joey's (Brandon de Wilde) idolization of his hero
  • two large-scale fistfights
  • the saloon brawl
  • Wilson's (Jack Palance) entrance and role as a black-clothed evil gunman
  • Torrey's (Elisha Cook, Jr.) brutal death in a showdown as he was hurtled backwards onto a muddy street
  • Torrey's funeral scene in which his dog mourned at his master's coffin
  • Marion's (Jean Arthur) long farewell handshake
  • the final shootout between the evil and dark Wilson and Shane
  • Joey's poignant cry after his hero ("...Come back...") as Shane rode away toward the mountains


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