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Something Wild (1986)


Written by Tim Dirks

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Something Wild (1986)

In director Jonathan Demme's off-beat black comedy:

  • the character of free-spirited, kooky, black-wigged Audrey Hankel (Melanie Griffith), nicknamed Lulu after actress Louise Brooks' femme fatale (from Pandora's Box (1929)), who took off with staid and married, yuppie, NYC tax consultant Charles Driggs (Jeff Daniels) from a Manhattan diner (where he had skipped out on the check) to New Jersey
  • the scene in a motel where she engaged in kinky sex with him - handcuffing him to a motel bed and making love to him while forcing him to call in sick to his boss
  • their attendance at her 10 year high school reunion in Pennsylvania and introducing him as her husband to her square mother Peaches (Dana Preu) - and Peaches' warning to Charlie: "That girl's got some strange ideas about life"
  • the surprising appearance of Lulu's dangerous and menacing ex-con husband Ray Sinclair (Ray Liotta in his screen debut)
  • the shocking semi-accidental stabbing of Ray Sinclair in the horrific fight scene in the bathroom with Driggs (with Ray's disbelieving last words: "S--t, Charlie...")
  • the crowd-pleasing conclusion when Audrey reappeared in Charlie's life after he had quit his job


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