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Superman: The Movie (1978)


Written by Tim Dirks

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Superman: The Movie (1978) (aka Superman)

In Richard Donner's comic-book superhero classic:

  • the image of the "Man of Steel" comic book Superman hero / alias bespectacled Clark Kent (Christopher Reeve) with red cape and tights soaring over Metropolis
  • Superman's rescue of Lois Lane (Margot Kidder) as she fell from a helicopter and their conversation (Superman (politely): "Easy, miss. I've got you" Lois Lane (screaming): "You've got me? But who's got you?")
  • their flight over the city with Lois in a blue chiffon evening gown to find out how fast he could fly while she recited the poem Can You Read My Mind
  • the scene of Superman's flying chase next to an Army missile
  • his saving resolution of various catastrophes when a Navy missile struck the San Andreas fault
  • his anguished primal scream howl-reaction to Lois Lane's death (by suffocation) in her car following a massive earthquake
  • the scene of his angry flight into the air to attempt to change the past with light-speed circumnavigation of the globe - to reverse time in order to bring Lois back to life


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