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Suspiria (1977)


Written by Tim Dirks

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Suspiria (1977, It./W.Germ.)

In Dario Argento's stylistic gothic horror masterpiece:

  • the dazzling, starkly chromatic, and gaudy cinematography (with rich pinkish reds and hazy blue colors) and meticulously-designed Hitchcockian set-pieces
  • the opening sequence of dancer-heroine Suzy Bannion's (Jessica Harper) surreal taxi-cab ride to Tans (Dance) Academy in Freiburg, Germany
  • the series of creatively-brutal and bloody murder scenes (i.e., the elaborate double-murder sequence: a repeated chest stabbing into a dancer's still-beating heart and then her body hanging from an electrical cord, and the bisecting of another dancer by a falling shard of glass from a crashing stained glass-window ceiling above her)
  • the trapping of blind pianist Daniel (Flavio Bucci) in a large public plaza where his own seeing-eye dog suddenly lunged at his throat and ripped it out
  • and later - death in a room filled with razor wire for dancer Sara (Stefania Casini) when her throat was slit with a straight-edged razor
  • the rain of maggots, and the bat attack
  • the scene of undead Sara's reanimation, and her butcher knife attack on Suzy


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