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Szindbad (1971)


Written by Tim Dirks

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Szindbad (1971, Hungary) (aka Sinbad)

In cowriter-director Zoltan Huszarik's visually-beautiful, melancholic romantic drama (with cinematography by Sándor Sára) - based upon the 1911 stories of Gyula Krúdy, titled The Adventures of Sindbad:

  • the celebrated pre-title credits opening -- one and a half minutes of a rhythmic, rhapsodic, moody montage of flashback images, mostly of nature scenes, while the main protagonist: privileged, charming and hedonistic Szindbád (Zoltán Latinovits) slept on the seat of his horse-drawn open carriage (he was dead or dying)
  • the impressionistic montage of subliminal images included (some repeated):
    - a flower stamen
    - colored globules or drops of cooking oil floating and congealing on water
    - dead leaves frozen in ice
    - floating red droplets
    - green branch of tree
    - the opening and blooming of a flower
    - a lock or strand of blonde hair
    - red glowing embers or coals of burning wood
    - a spider's web
    - dripping water from a wooden slatted, weathered roof
    - lace resting on an antique or vintage sepia-toned portrait of a woman
    - white smoke rising in a forest
  • throughout the film, Szindbad reminisced and had memories of his womanizing Casanova experiences (some regretful) in many past love affairs in the 1920s - each of his dalliances were linked to the earlier images
  • the scenes of Szindbad's many amorous liaisons and rendezvous, including brief erotic flashes of one exhibitionist female's naked pulchritude in a field, while he strolled in a cemetery


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