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Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991)


Written by Tim Dirks

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Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991)

In director James Cameron's action-oriented sequel:

  • the T-800 Terminator's (Arnold Schwarzenegger) time-travel arrival and entrance into a biker's bar to borrow clothes and cycle transportation
  • the suspenseful chase scene in the LA storm drain channel - a showdown between a mini-bike, a semi-tractor-trailer big-rig cab and a Harley Davidson motorcycle
  • the innovative special effects of the single-minded T-1000 (Robert Patrick) - a technologically advanced cyborg made of "morphing" liquid metal (e.g., his morphing into a black and white tiled floor) during the exciting scene of the rescue of young John Connor's (Edward Furlong) mother Sarah (Linda Hamilton) from a mental institution
  • the Terminator's continual humorous ability to pick up slang (e.g., "Hasta la vista, baby," "Chill out, dickwad," and "no problemo") and to feel some emotion
  • Sarah's continual visions of an apocalyptic "judgment day" that would occur in late August 1997 (in the future); she experienced the fiery effects of a nuclear holocaust on a children's playground, when white light ignited everything like match heads as she saw her dream self burst into flames and her skin burned away; her own figure exploded down to skeletal remains
  • the laboratory sequence at Cyberdyne in which the Terminator held off hundreds of police officers while Dyson met a heroic death by destroying the artifacts from the future
  • the film's many battles between the two killer cyborgs
  • the finale in the steel foundry when the T-1000 was blasted into melted liquid droplets as a liquid nitrogen truck crashed and exploded; soon though, the T-1000 reconstituted itself (in an astounding special F/X sequence) from the shattered droplets; it stood up and emerged from the flaming wreckage
  • the "thumbs up" self-sacrificial scene by the T-800 in the film's final sequence


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