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Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003)


Written by Tim Dirks

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Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003)

In Jonathan Mostow's follow-up sequel:

  • under the credits, the naked arrival of the sexy new terminator (T-X or Terminatrix) (Kristanna Loken) who appropriated a rich woman's silver sports Lexus ("I like this car") in Beverly Hills on Rodeo Drive
  • the amusing moment when T-X, stopped by a police car for speeding and running a red light, inflated her breasts to impress the arresting officer, after seeing a Victoria's Secret billboard ad for "WHAT IS SEXY?"
  • the arrival of the outdated, monosyllabic, and obsolete protector Terminator (T-850) (Arnold Schwarzenegger) - who demanded the clothes of a leather-clad male stripper (on-stage and mid-performance) during a cowgirls' Ladies Night "Pleasure Men Fantasy Show" at the Desert Star bar
  • the action-filled multiple vehicle-chase sequence in which the Terminator clung from the end of a massive construction crane mounted on a truck that smashed him through buildings
  • the SWAT team shootout at the mausoleum with the Terminator's escape in a bullet-riddled hearse
  • the climactic scene of SkyNet's activation by Lieut. Gen. Robert Brewster (David Andrews) and its computer viral takeover of global networks - initiating a massive nuclear holocaust
  • the one-on-one battle in a hallway, men's room and storeroom (within the USAF's CRS building) between the two Terminators (a parody of them having sex)
  • the finale in which both Terminators were "terminated" by a hydrogen fuel-cell explosion: ("You are terminated")
  • and the awe-inspiring nuclear annihilation of the world (initiated by the rogue artificial intelligence SkyNet) - a finale reminiscient of the ending of Dr. Stranglelove, Or...: (1964)


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