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The Thief of Bagdad (1940)


Written by Tim Dirks

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The Thief of Bagdad (1940, UK)

In this imaginative Arabian Nights fantasy adventure film produced by Alexander Korda - it was a loose remake of the original Douglas Fairbanks silent classic of 1924; it was also the Oscar winning film for Best Cinematography and Special Effects, including the first major use of bluescreening:

  • the character of clever and poor Bagdad thief Abu (15 year-old Sabu) who helped save handsome deposed Prince Ahmad (Jon Justin) and the beautiful Princess (June Duprez), the daughter of a toy-obsessed Sultan (Miles Malleson), from the villainous, black-clad evil magician Jaffar (Conrad Veidt) by a ride to the rescue on his magic carpet in the film's conclusion
Jaffar (Conrad Veidt)
Princess (June Duprez)
Sultan (Miles Malleson), the Princess' Father
  • the sight of 50 foot tall genie or Djinni (Rex Ingram) emerging from a tiny bottle on a beach, watched by boy thief Abu
Djinni Emerging From Bottle
  • the fanciful elements including a toy horse that could fly, Abu's battle with a giant spider in its huge web, and Abu's flight to the rescue of Ahmad on a magical flying carpet
Fanciful Elements
The Flying Horse
The "Silver Maid" - A Deadly, Multi-Armed Dancing Statue
Abu Caught In Spider Web
The Temple With Goddess (And an All-Seeing Eye Jewel)
Abu Arriving to Save Everyone On Magic Flying Carpet
Abu's Magic Crossbow and Arrow - Death to Jafar

Prince Ahmad (Jon Justin)

Thief Abu (Sabu)

The Djinni Threatening to Crush Abu

The Djinn Trapped Back in Bottle by Abu

In the Palm of the Djinni's Hand

Jafar Shot Off the Magical Flying Horse by Abu

Happy Ending


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