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Titanic (1997)


Written by Tim Dirks

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Titanic (1997)

In James Cameron's monumental Best Picture-winning blockbuster epic:

  • the romantic image of the star-crossed, ill-fated lovers: upper-class Rose Bukater (Kate Winslet) and steerage passenger Jack Dawson (Leonard DiCaprio) perched at the prow of the White Star liner Titanic with arms outstretched ("I'm flying!") - ending with a sunset kiss
  • Rose's nude posing for one of Jack's sketches with the scene ending on a closeup of Rose's eye (as a young girl and morphing into her elderly eye)
  • the scene of Jack and Rose's love-making scene in the back seat of a car -- with her hand reaching up and touching the fogged-up window
  • the final hour with tremendous visual and special-effects of the ship's flooding, slowly tilting upward, splitting in half and sinking with people plummeting to their deaths in the Atlantic when the stern was tipped vertically upright, while Rose and Jack struggled to stay together
  • the various views of victims calmly awaiting their fate (e.g., an elderly couple embraced in bed)
  • the farewell scene as Jack slowly froze to death next to Rose and his profession of love before slipping underwater
  • the dreamy remembrance of Rose's meeting of Jack on the staircase to the applause of the ship's dead


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