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Toto in Color (1952)


Written by Tim Dirks

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Toto in Color (1952, It.) (aka Totò a Colori)

In director Steno's comedy masterpiece starring Italy's greatest comedy actor Toto, a master of body language, in the first Italian feature film in color:

  • Toto in the role of failed musician Antonio Scannagatti, pursuing his career in Naples, Italy
  • the classic 'Pinocchio' puppet show sequence in which Antonio was pursued by a knife-wielding man, and he disguised himself as a clownish, full-sized wooden marionette puppet on stage (in front of a live audience), wearing a dark green and white polka-dot outfit; at the end of his entertaining performance, he let his entire body collapse against the stage wall, as if his strings had been released and he was 'dead'



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