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Toy Story 2 (1999)


Written by Tim Dirks

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Toy Story 2 (1999)

In director John Lasseter's superior sequel to the CGI classic:

  • the amazing opening sequence in which Buzz Lightyear (voice of Tim Allen) flew through an alien world, defeated thousands of robots at once but then was blasted by his Darth Vader-like arch-nemesis, Emperor Zurg (voice of Andrew Stanton) -- all revealed to be in a video game that dinosaur Rex (voice of Wallace Shawn) was playing
  • Woody's (voice of Tom Hanks) nightmare of being discarded and thrown into the garbage after having his arm torn
  • the scene of Woody's theft by greedy Toy Barn owner and toy collector Al McWhiggin (voice of Wayne Knight) during a garage sale
  • the scene of Woody's fellow toys watching the theft and attempting to safely cross a busy street to rescue him
  • Woody's finding that he was a collector's item - part of a set of toys called the Roundup Gang, that included a cowgirl named Jessie (voice of Joan Cusack), a horse named Bullseye, and a prospector named Stinky Pete (voice of Kelsey Grammer), and the fact that he was an historic TV star - he had appeared in a black-and-white TV puppet show in the '50s called Woody's Roundup
  • the enchanting sequence in which toy repairman, Geri The Cleaner - who was hired by Al - restored Woody to pristine condition ("Just like new") - he told Al: "You can't rush art"
  • the appearance of dozens of Barbies partying, when Tour Guide Barbie (voice of Jodi Benson) introduced herself: "I'm Tour Guide Barbie! Please keep your hands, arms, and accessories inside the car, and no flash photography. Thank you" - and Mr. Potato Head muttered to himself: "I'm a married spud, I'm a married spud..."
  • the scene of Buzz's visit to the "Buzz Lightyear" aisle in Roy's Toy Barn, where hundred of Buzz Lightyears were packaged for sale
  • Jessie's heartbreaking story - told in flashback - of being abandoned under a bed by former owner Emily (with the Oscar-nominated ballad "When She Loved Me" sung by Sarah McLachlan)
  • Woody's difficult choice - to live forever as an exhibit in a Tokyo toy museum or to face inevitable death as a child's toy -- with his decision made when his television counterpart sang: "You've Got a Friend In Me"
  • the resolution to Stinky Pete's villainy when he was stuffed into a little girl's Barbie backpack (retrieved at an airport baggage carousel) by Andy's toys to teach him a lesson
  • the scene of Woody's rescue of Jessie from an airplane bound for Tokyo, by riding on Woody's horse Bullseye in pursuit of the baggage truck
  • the finale in which the penguin squeeze toy Wheezy (voice of Joe Ranft) belted out, Vegas and Sinatra-styled (with Robert Goulet's voice): "You've Got a Friend In Me", accompanied by a trio of Barbie backup singers


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