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An Unmarried Woman (1978)


Written by Tim Dirks

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An Unmarried Woman (1978)

In director/writer Paul Mazursky's serious and groundbreaking (but dated) feminist film:

  • the portrayal of the character of mid-30s wife/mother Erica Benton (Oscar-nominated Jill Clayburgh) who was suddenly dumped by husband Martin (Michael Murphy) for a much younger woman he met at Bloomingdale's - and her throwing-up reaction afterwards - accompanied by her obvious confusion, humiliation, and anger towards all men
  • the scene in which Erica "erased" Martin's memory by removing all of his belongings and piling them into the living room
  • the scene of her one-night stand with smooth, gold necklace-wearing co-worker and swinger Charlie (Cliff Gorman)
  • her more reciprocal relationship with handsome artist Saul (Alan Bates) who presented her with a painting
  • her final realization that she was in control of her own life as an unmarried and independent woman


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