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Videodrome (1983)


Written by Tim Dirks

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Videodrome (1983)

In director David Cronenberg's terrorizing tale of erotic sci-fi and "body horror":

  • the character of seedy cable TV director/producer Max Renn (James Woods) and his discovery of a pirated, ultra-violent underground 'snuff' TV show called Videodrome
  • his development of the ability to insert videocassette tapes into a body opening slot in his abdomen
  • the stupendous, surrealistic scene of Max kissing a hallucinogenic TV screen displaying a pair of giant seductive red lips that began to suck him into the glass monitor
  • the scene of his assassination of political leader Harlan (Peter Dvorsky), his own technical colleague, by transforming his hand into a slimy gun-grenade
  • the killing of the head of Spectacular Optical Corporation (and Videodrome's producer), Chief of Special Programs Barry Convex (Leslie Carlson) - Renn shot him with his organic gun that caused tumors to erupt from his torso and skull
  • also the bizarre scene of masochistic lover and self-help radio guru Nicki Brand (Deborah Harry or rock star Blondie) snuffing a burning cigarette out on her own breast: ("Let's try a few things")
  • Renn's own imitative suicide with his own hand-gun, after watching a broadcast with Nicki prompting him to kill himself. He watched as he blew his own head open - and the TV set exploded. As he pulled the trigger for real, he proclaimed: "Long live the new flesh"


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