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Wait Until Dark (1967)


Written by Tim Dirks

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Wait Until Dark (1967)

In this classic claustrophobic thriller by director Terence Young:

  • the shocking discovery of the dead body of Lisa (Samantha Jones) in a garment bag in a closet by amiable thug Mike Talman (Richard Crenna)
  • the relentless search for the rag-doll with drugs inside
  • the final battle of wits showdown in complete darkness between blind Susy Hendrix (Oscar-nominated Audrey Hepburn) ("the world's champion blind lady") and crazed and villainous Roat (Alan Arkin)
  • her dousing of him with gasoline after asking: "Mr. Roat, are you looking at me?"
  • the exciting jump-scare moment in which the knife-wielding, wounded killer jumped out of the dark
  • Susy's outwitting of him by hiding behind the refrigerator door and pulling the plug - with her slow emergence as the survivor


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