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Walkabout (1971)


Written by Tim Dirks

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Walkabout (1971, UK/Australia)

In Nicolas Roeg's haunting directorial solo debut film:

  • the shocking scene of a suicidal Australian businessman (John Meillon) trying to murder his teen-aged schoolgirl daughter (Jenny Agutter in her film debut) and six-year-old son (Lucien John) in the bush and then killing himself
  • their struggle to survive in the blazing hot and hostile outback terrain, and their fortuitous meeting up with a teenaged aborigine boy (David Gulpilil) during his 'walkabout'
  • the awe-inspiring, natural scenes, including their nude swimming sequence
  • the stunning mating dance (in his own native fashion) that the native aborigine performed for the civilized girl - but that she ignored - with disastrous results, when she found him hanging from a mango tree the next morning
  • the final scene of the young girl - now married and returned to civilization, living in a high-rise apartment complex where she wistfully daydreamed back to her days in the outback when she happily swam naked with the aborigine and her young brother - they were long-gone days of paradise lost


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