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The Westerner (1940)


Written by Tim Dirks

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The Westerner (1940)

In director William Wyler's A-list western:

  • quick-thinking Cole Harden's (Gary Cooper) sweet-talking of Jane-Ellen Mathews (Doris Davenport) for a lock of her hair
  • the drinking bout between Hardin and hanging Judge Roy Bean (Oscar-winning Walter Brennan)
  • the exciting scene of the devastating cornfield fire set by the Judge's men to run off homesteaders
  • the scene of the theater curtain's opening revealing deputized Hardin standing on stage and ready for a gunfight with Judge Bean (the sole audience member) rather than a performance by British actress Lily Langtry (Lilian Bond) - 'the famous Jersey Lily'
  • the Judge's wide-eyed, backstage death scene as he glimpsed the fantasy woman of his life - she blurred in his vision as he fell dead


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