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The Wind (1928)


Written by Tim Dirks

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The Wind (1928)

In legendary Swedish director Victor Sjostrom's (billed as "Victor Seastrom") masterpiece, and one of the last great silent films:

  • the stark realism of scenes of lengthy gusty, howling and gritty wind/sand storms pounding the remote cabin
  • the wedding night scene that conveyed naive bride Letty Mason's (Lillian Gish) paralyzing fear with her new husband Lige (Lars Hanson) - by contrasting shots of the pacing of her feet and his cowboy boots
  • the nightmarish scene of Letty's petrified fears of being left alone with the raging sandstorm outdoors - symbolized by the brief dreamy, ghostly sight of a powerful bucking white stallion
  • Letty's (off-screen) rape by Wirt Roddy (Montagu Love) and his accidental point-blank shooting
  • her attempt to bury Roddy's body during the fierce wind and sandstorm
  • her half-crazed reactions at the window as she saw the body partially unearthed by the sandstorm's raging wind
  • the studio's distorting tacked-on, upbeat and hopeful ending, including her vow to Lige who had returned to her rescue: "I'm not afraid of the wind - I'm not afraid of anything now -- because I'm your wife - to work with you - to love you -!"; they stood at the open door facing the wind, strongly embracing each other, before the scene faded to black


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