100 Great Movie Moments

by Roger Ebert

Part 3

100 Great Movie Moments (unranked)
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Description of Moment

41. An old man found dead in a child's swing, his mission completed, at the end of Kurosawa's "Ikiru."

42. The haunted eyes of the actress Maria Falconetti in Dreyer's "The Passion of Joan of Arc."

43. The children watching the train pass by in Ray's "Pather Panchali."

44. The baby carriage bouncing down the steps in Eisenstein's "Battleship Potemkin."

45. "Are you lookin' at me?" Robert De Niro in "Taxi Driver."

46. "My father made them an offer they couldn't refuse": Al Pacino in "The Godfather."

47. The mysterious body in the photographs in Antonioni's "Blow-Up."

48. "One word, Benjamin: plastics." From "The Graduate."

49. A man dying in the desert in von Stroheim's "Greed."

50. Eva Marie Saint clinging to Cary Grant's hand on Mount Rushmore in "North by Northwest."

51. Astaire and Rogers dancing. ["Swing Time", or "Top Hat"]

52. "There ain't no sanity clause!" Chico to Groucho in "A Night at the Opera."

53. "They call me Mr. Tibbs." Sidney Poitier in Norman Jewison's "In the Heat of the Night."

54. The sadness of the separated newly-wed lovers (including the vision of the distraught husband Jean imagining his wife Juliette in her bridal gown reflected in the water), in Jean Vigo's "L'Atalante.

55. The vast expanse of desert, and then tiny figures appearing, in "Lawrence of Arabia."

56. Jack Nicholson on the back of the motorcycle, wearing a football helmet, in "Easy Rider."

57. The geometrical choreography of the Busby Berkeley girls. ["Golddiggers of 1933", "Footlight Parade"]

58. The peacock spreading its tail feathers in the snow, in Fellini's "Amarcord."

59. Robert Mitchum in "The Night of the Hunter," with "LOVE" tattooed on the knuckles of one hand, and "HATE" on the other.

60. Joan Baez singing "Joe Hill" in "Woodstock."

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