Greatest Films of the 2010s
Greatest Films of the 2010s

Greatest Films of the 2010s
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Title Screen Film Genre(s), Title, Year, (Country), Length, Director, Description

Amour (2012, Fr.), 127 minutes, D: Michael Haneke

Argo (2012), 120 minutes, D: Ben Affleck

Beasts of the Southern Wild (2012), 93 minutes, D: Benh Zeitlin

Brave (2012), 93 minutes, D: Brenda Chapman, Mark Andrews

The Cabin in the Woods (2012), 95 minutes, D: Drew Goddard

A Coffee in Berlin (2012, Germ.) (aka Oh Boy), 83 minutes, D: Jan Ole Gerster
In this B/W tragi-comedy with a moody jazz score from first-time feature film writer/director Jan Ole Gerster, aimless, 20-something, indebted slacker and law school drop-out Niko Fischer (Tom Schilling) was having multiple hardships on one pivotal day in his life. He suffered a breakup with his girlfriend Elli (Katharina Schüttler), lost his bank card in an ATM, was declared 'emotionally unstable' after a DUI by a state psychiatrist and thereby lost his license, was found to be lying for two years by his father, and failed at repeated attempts to have his morning coffee. The self-ironic dramedy became a love-letter to contemporary Berlin (constantly in transformation similar to Niko) as he wandered around its streets, almost oblivious to the fact that he was lost and out-of-place. In the final uncomfortable encounter of the film, Niko met an elderly drunk man who had vivid memories of living under Nazi rule, causing him to realize that he might need to change his aimless, disconnected drifting.

The Dark Knight Rises (2012), 164 minutes, D: Christopher Nolan
See Batman series.

Django Unchained (2012), 166 minutes, D: Quentin Tarantino

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (2012, NZ/US), 169 minutes, D: Peter Jackson
See The Lord of the Rings - The Hobbit series.

The Hunger Games (2012), 142 minutes, D: Gary Ross

Life of Pi (2012), 127 minutes, D: Ang Lee

Lincoln (2012), 149 minutes, D: Steven Spielberg
Best Actor-winning Daniel Day-Lewis convincingly portrayed the 16th US President during the final months of his life in 1865, when he was bedeviled by divisive politics and his own personal demons. This great biopic masterwork - with rich dialogue from director Spielberg (and lauded screenwriter Tony Kushner), boasted a talented ensemble cast as it followed Lincoln's conflicts with Congress over passage of the 13th Amendment, the end to the bloody Civil War, and problems with his fragile, high-strung wife (Sally Field).

Looper (2012), 118 minutes, D: Rian Johnson

(Marvel's) The Avengers (2012), 142 minutes, D: Joss Whedon

The Master (2012), 138 minutes, D: Paul Thomas Anderson

Les Misérables (2012, US/UK), 158 minutes, D: Tom Hooper

Moonrise Kingdom (2012), 93 minutes, D: Wes Anderson

The Sessions (2012), 98 minutes, D: Ben Lewin

Silver Linings Playbook (2012), 120 minutes, D: David O. Russell

Skyfall (2012), 145 minutes, D: Sam Mendes
See James Bond series.

Zero Dark Thirty (2012), 157 minutes, D: Kathryn Bigelow

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