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Body Heat (1981)


Written by Tim Dirks

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Body Heat (1981)

In Lawrence Kasdan's film-noirish crime drama modeled after The Postman Always Rings Twice (1946):

  • the tempting, sizzling femme fatale Matty Walker (Kathleen Turner) with her famous line toward simple-minded Florida attorney Ned Racine (William Hurt) - "You're not too smart, are you? I like that in a man"; he willingly responded: "What else do you like? Lazy, ugly, horny, I've got 'em all."
  • the erotic, steamy sex scene in which Ned, about to leave Matty's house, was enticed to enter by an eager-looking Matty inside; he broke into her locked house through the porch bay window with a garden chair (to the sound of wind chimes) to the awaiting, horny and receptive Matty; after feeling her breasts and crotch through her clothing, she laid back on the floor; he removed her panties to make love to her, exclaiming: "It's so right!"; she begged: "Please, Ned. Do it!"
Matty: "Please, Ned. Do it!"
  • the film's numerous highly-charged, non-stop sweaty sex scenes, with Ned begging: "Gimme a break here. It takes a little while..You are killing me. I'm red, I'm sore...Look at it. It's about to fall off."
  • the scene of Ned's mistaken delivery of a very forward proposition to Matty's visiting high school girlfriend Mary Ann Simpson (Kim Zimmer): "Hey lady, do you wanna f--k?"
  • the controversial scene in which Matty's young niece Heather (Carola McGuinness) caught the two in an oral sex act but couldn't identify the man with the erection
  • the fight-to-the-death with Matty's husband Edmund Walker (Richard Crenna) during a botched murder in the hall of his opulent home
  • Matty's final assuring words to Ned: "Whatever happens, you must believe that I love you" which eventually proved to be empty
The Boathouse Explosion Killing "Matty"
Ned's Realization in Jail: "She's Alive!"
"Matty" On an Exotic Beach
  • the surprise ending when Ned, who was serving time in the Florida State Penitentiary for Matty's murder, was suspicious that Matty had planted Mary Ann's body in the boathouse before the explosion, and escaped with her own life; this was confirmed for him in the startling conclusion when he saw Matty's picture in a 1968 yearbook, with her name displayed as "Mary Ann Simpson" (with the nickname "The Vamp" and her ambition: "To be rich and live in an exotic land")
Swapped Yearbook Identities
  • the final view of 'Matty' reclining on a beach chair in the tropics, while Ned was charged with Edmund's murder and imprisoned in a Florida state penitentiary, while "Matty" had escaped "to be rich and live in an exotic land"

Matty: "You're Not Too Smart, Are You?"

'Hot' Love-Making: Matty and Ned

"Matty" With Husband Edmund (Richard Crenna)

Matty's 'Double' Mary Ann Simpson

Niece Heather Witnessing Oral Sex


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