History of Sex in Cinema:
The Greatest and Most Influential
Sexual Films and Scenes


Teen Sexploitation Comedies
of the 1980s


The History of Sex in Cinema

Raunchy Teen-Sex, Sexploitation Comedies of the 1980s (1981-1989):

The mid-to-late 70s and early 80s inaugurated a period of low-brow, teasy, R-rated sexy, US-made teen comedies (horror films not usually included) with gratuitous nudity, mindlessly weak plots, and raunchy profanity, designed for horny adolescents. The target audience was usually teenaged males with raging hormones and active fantasy lives who were looking for glimpses of naked girls and their first sexual conquest (a "Let's Get Laid" sub-genre). Not included in this particular compilation (1981-1989) were a number of teen sexploitation films of the 70s and early 1980s that were described earlier in their respective years, such as:

Mid-Late 1970s to Early 1980s
  • The Harrad Experiment (1973)
  • Candy Stripe Nurses (1974)
  • Smile (1975)
  • Slumber Party "57" (1976)
  • Animal House (1978)
  • Malibu Beach (1978)
  • H.O.T.S. (1979)
  • The Hollywood Knights (1980)
  • Little Darlings (1980)

The smarmy trend signaled that theatrical films originally made for 'dirty old men' were now targeted at teenagers, with comedic laughs often directed at the semi-naked young stars. There were many representative films of varying quality (some described elsewhere).

Balancing out the mostly R-rated teen-sex comedies were some of writer-producer-director John Hughes' films which took a more sensitive look at adolescent issues, in films such as Sixteen Candles (1984), The Breakfast Club (1985), and Pretty in Pink (1986). Other more realistic teenage-oriented films included Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982), Tex (1982) with Matt Dillon, Baby, It's You (1983) with Rosanna Arquette, and director Martha Coolidge's Valley Girl (1983) with Nicolas Cage and Deborah Foreman.

See also Entertainment Weekly's 50 Best High School Movies.

Title Screens
Movie Title/Year and Film/Scene Description
Year 1981
Private Lessons (1981)

Tagline: "The Bedroom is a Fun Classroom - EMMANUELLE's Star is the Teacher."

[See full description in year 1981]

(Sylvia Kristel)

Stripes (1981)

Tagline: "The Story of a Man Who Wanted to Keep the World Safe for Democracy...and Meet Girls."

This ribald military comedy from director Ivan Reitman starred Bill Murray as US Army enlistee John Winger, Harold Ramis as his best friend Russell Ziskey, John Candy (in his breakthrough role) as Dewey "Ox" Oxberger who tangled with a bunch of bikini-clad mud wrestlers, and Winger's love-interest Stella (P.J. Soles).

(P.J. Soles)
Year 1982
The Beach Girls (1982)

Tagline: "Celebrate Summer and Fun with a Slew of Bikini-clad Beach Bunnies!"

[See full description in year 1982]

(Jeana Tomasina)
Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982)

Tagline: "At Ridgemont High, Only the Rules Get Busted."

[See full description in year 1982]

(Phoebe Cates)
Goin' All the Way! (1982)

Tagline: "Sometimes There's Only One Thing on Your Mind...", "Monica is Holding Out, But He's Holding On", and "The Funniest Movie About Growing Up Since 'Porky's'!"

Directed by Robert Freedman, this was another coming-of-age teen comedy-drama set at Riverdale High. It was about two teens who were dating:

  • Artie Mulligan (Dan Waldman), blonde hunk
  • Monica Carr (Deborah Van Rhyn), a brunette

In the opening sequence when they were making out in a parked car in his parents' garage, she refused to go any further because she said she was scared. He asked her with a frustrated tone:

Why not?...Is it my breath?...Well, do I have BO or somethin'?...Well then, what?...Oh, I know, it's because I don't have a thing, right?...You know, a thing for my thing...S--t, there's some Saran Wrap in the kitchen. That's always good in a pinch.

Monica was uptight about sex and didn't want to be rushed, and it was causing Artie to complain about having "blue balls." He told his joking best-buddy Reggie Weis (Joe Colligan): "If Monica doesn't go all the way soon, I don't know what I'm gonna do." Reggie ridiculed him by exclaiming: "Oh, you do what I do. You don't take no for an answer." At the same time, Reggie had been crossing out days on a calendar: "Wendy's late with her period again. Looks like I'm gonna have to break up with her." In class to his relief, Wendy (Sylvia Summers) passed him a note: "You're in Luck. Nature Struck!"

There were views of a female weightlifting team (led by tough dyke-like Boom Boom (Rachel Spooner)), and an aerobics class with one of the film's coed stars, Betty Jo "BJ" (Eileen Davidson, who later starred in The House on Sorority Row (1983)) doing hip swivels and leg lifts (and butt crunches). The exercise session was followed by an extended nude shower scene. The topless females talked about having sex, and one advised Monica: "Does he know you haven't done it yet?...Guys like girls that are experienced." She replied: "I thought they all wanted virgins." They concluded: "That too. Face it. I just don't know what they want."

Girl's Gym Shower Sequence

During one memorable scene, BJ phoned Monica and asked her advice about the size of her breasts:

BJ: (while lifting up her shirt and fondling herself) "Hey, do you think my boobs are getting any bigger?...I've been trying positive thinking. Do you think I should send away for one of those bust developers?"
Monica: (suggesting) "Why don't you try a padded bra?"
BJ: "Oh Monica, you know that bras give me a rash."

In one major (and very unlikely and unfunny) pick-up sex sequence, Reggie and Artie met a pair of girls parked in a VW convertible - and to their surprise the driver was already topless. She joined Reggie in his car, where they shared a beer in the backseat and she urged: "Let's f--k!", while Artie was in the VW's back-seat making-out with her friend. But then Reggie shouted out to his dismay: "This girl's got balls!"

Artie received a phone call from cute classmate Candy Hardin (Sherrie Miller) from her bathtub and she invited him over. As he pedaled over to her house, he daydreamed about having sex with her once he arrived - she removed her top in front of him and purred: "There's something I want to show you." When she greeted him at the door, she said: "I thought you'd never get here. You don't know how long I've waited for this moment." After unzipping his fly, she told him: "There's another thing I've been dying to do." Unfortunately, it was all an imaginary fantasy in his head. When he arrived, classmate hunk Bronk (Josh Cadman) answered the door and prevented any sort of rendezvous between them.

There were also visits to a roller-skating arena, malt shops, female mud-wrestling and bikini dancing, girls watching an old-fashioned VHS porn tape, a pool party, and a climactic Sadie Hawkins dance, etc. Finally as the film concluded, Monica and Artie hooked up at the dance, and she encouraged him: "Just shut up and kiss me....Let's go all the way."

Hip-Swiveling Aerobics Class

BJ (Eileen Davidson) on the Phone with Monica

'Girl' with Reggie

'Girl' with Artie

Fantasy Sex with Candy (Sherrie Miller)
The Last American Virgin (1982)

Tagline: "There's Only One Thing Left to Lose."

[See full description in year 1982]

(Diane Franklin)
Porky's (1982)

Tagline: "You'll Be Glad You Came!"

[See full description in year 1982]

This film was considered the first major example of the vulgar sex comedies of the early Reagan era, with its memorable voyeuristic locker room scene.

It was followed by the sequels Porky's II: The Next Day (1983) and Porky's Revenge (1985).

Locker Room Scene
Zapped! (1982)

Tagline: "They're Getting a Little Behind in Their Classwork" and "The Comedy That Won't Let You Down."

Director Robert J. Rosenthal's fantasy teen sex comedy featured Happy Days star Scott Baio as science student nerd Barney Springboro. It was followed by the awful sequel Zapped Again (1989).

Barney had acquired the power of telekinesis (similar to Brian De Palma's horror thriller Carrie (1976), mixed with Porky's (1981)), used vengefully in the climactic prom scene in the school gym to strip off the gown of mean and snobby cheerleader prom-queen Jane Mitchell (then unknown star Heather Thomas, most probably a body double - bd - when she was disrobed).

The Vengeful Power of Telekinesis at a Prom
Against Jane (Heather Thomas, bd)

Jane Mitchell
(Heather Thomas)
Year 1983
Class (1983)

Tagline: "The Good News is, Jonathan's Having his First Affair. The Bad News is, She's his Roommate's Mother!"

This was one of many controversial films of the era about a younger student with an older woman.

In this case, male teenaged prep school senior-student Jonathan Ogner (Andrew McCarthy) was schooled by older sexy temptress Mrs. Ellen Burroughs (Jacqueline Bisset), his roommate's mother. Their major scene was an elevator seduction.

Lisa (Virginia Madsen) Embarrassingly Disrobed
While Serving Sandwiches

The film also featured future stars Rob Lowe (as Jonathan's prep-school roommate Skip), John and Joan Cusack as Roscoe and Julia, future Oscar-winner Virginia Madsen (as Lisa, one of two girls at a nearby all-girls school who was partially disrobed in an accident while serving sandwiches to a group of students), and Lolita Davidovich as the 1st Girl in the Motel.

The Elevator Seduction Scene

Ellen (Jacqueline Bisset) and Jonathan (Andrew McCarthy)
The First Turn-On!! (1983)

Taglines: "It's Always the Wildest!" and "Can you think of a better reason for going to summer camp?"

[See full description in year 1983]

(Sheila Kennedy)
Getting It On! (1983) (aka American Voyeur)

Tagline: "Don't Miss the Stripped Down Fun and Hot-Wired Action" and "It's the funniest, sexiest, craziest comedy around!!"

Another teen sexploitation film, it told about a horny and voyeuristic teenager Alex Carson (Martin Yost) with binoculars, who made a business out of spying on neighbors (females) and renting out video equipment. He had a huge crush on girl-next-door neighbor Sally Clark (Heather Kennedy), and began his profitable enterprise by videotaping her.

The teen film had prescient scenes that featured spy cams, and a plot to retaliate against Principal White (C.K. Bippy) of the school who was threatening to expel Alex's best friend Nick Byers (Jeff Edmond).

During a school assembly, Nick was responsible for airing a home video of the principal's daughter, Marilyn White (Kathy Brickmeier) having sex with Nick's brother.

In the midst of everything, there was a superfluous dorm room pillow-fight (with partial nudity) with unidentified students (Suzan Greene, Brenda Jarrott, Denise Linville, and Marion Roberson).

(Kim Saunders)

(Kathy Brickmeier)
Joysticks (1983)

Tagline: "More Fun Than Games."

With a sly film title, it referred to gigantic game-sticks in Jeff Bailey's videogame arcade - a gaming craze that was resurrected with the Pac-Man addiction in the early 1980s. The plot centered around the threatened closing of the establishment by disgruntled parent and local businessman Joseph Rutter (Joe Don Baker). One of the film's inspirations was to have gobbling Pac-Men provide the camera-screen wipes.

Nerdy Eugene Groebe (Leif Green) was employed at a video arcade run by the ultra-cool stud Jeff Bailey (Scott McGinnis). In the first scene, Eugene was propositioned by two party girls, Lola (Playboy Playmate Kym Malin) and Alva (Kim Michel), who dropped their tops in front of him in their convertible, as part of a sorority initiation prank - so they could take a Polaroid picture of his "manhood."

Sexual Shenanigans

The arcade was populated by eccentrics, a punk rock band led by King Vidiot (Jonathan Gries), a Latino gang, and party girls. Lola and Alva played video arcade games topless with Jeff in the back room - including a close-up of Lola's breasts jiggling as she wiggled with excitement, before they jumped on a bed. There were other shenanigans, such as hot-tubbing in the back of a van.

Strip Videogames

Lola (Kym Malin)
Losin' It (1983)

Tagline: "The Last Word About the First Time."

Directed by Curtis Hanson (before L.A. Confidential (1997)), this teen comedy told about four California high-schoolers in the mid-1960s:

  • Woody (Tom Cruise)
  • Dave (Jackie Earle Haley)
  • Spider (John Stockwell)
  • Wendell (John P. Navin, Jr.)

They crossed the border to Tijuana in a convertible to find hookers, drink and to 'lose it'.

Instead, they found and accompanied runaway, divorce-seeking housewife Kathy (Shelley Long). The guys' first stop was a strip-show (with nudity), followed by Dave's encounter with a whore (Victoria Wells) - the others also scored with Woody's whore (Laura James) and Spider's whore (Martha E. Martinez).

The whole production was fairly chaste, however, although Woody and Kathy had sex together in a motel room.

Woody (Tom Cruise) and
Kathy (Shelley Long)

Dave's Whore
(Victoria Wells)
My Tutor (1983)

Tagline: "School's Out...But Bobby's Education Has Just Begun."

My Tutor (1983) was semi-scandalous for its teacher-student relationship - a common theme of the era - in which a seductive older woman romanced a younger boy. Similar to the theme of the popular Private Lessons (1981), this copy-cat film told about a young senior high school student Bobby Chrystal (Matt Lattanzi, Olivia Newton John's ex-husband, a former Xanadu dancer) who was amorously tutored in "French" by live-in 30 year-old blonde Terry Green (Caren Kaye).

My Tutor - Terry Green (Caren Kaye)

She enjoyed nightly moonlit skinny-dips in the family pool - and she bedded him down by the end of the film.

It also co-starred Russ Meyer's favorite big-breasted Kitten Natividad as hooker Ana Maria, and Graem McGavin as slutty waitress Sylvia.

Ana Maria
(Kitten Natividad)

(Graem McGavin)
Private School...for Girls (1983) (aka Private School)

Tagline: "You Won't Believe What Goes On and What Comes Off!"

[See full description in year 1983]

(Betsy Russell)
Risky Business (1983)

Tagline: "There's a Time for Playing It Safe, and a Time for Risky Business."

[See full description in year 1983]

(Rebecca DeMornay)
Screwballs (1983)

Tagline: "The Nuts Who Always Score!"

[See full description in year 1983]

Purity Busch
(Linda Speciale)
Spring Break (1983)

Tagline: "Like It's Really, Totally, the Most Fun a Couple of Bodies Can Have. You Know?"

Another film about escapades of sex/sun in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida for two sets of guys: nerds Nelson and Adam (David Knell and Perry Lang) who were forced to share their motel room with studly Stu (Paul Land) and O.T. (Steve Bassett).

It featured all the requisite 'spring break' wet T-shirt and teeny-weenie bikini contests, belly-flop tournaments, overbooked hotel rooms, girls undressing, beer-guzzling, etc.

Females of Ft. Lauderdale's Spring Break
Girl in Corvette
(Nikki Fritz)
Girl in Corvette
(Rhonda Flynn)
Joan (Corinne Wahl)

The sexploitation film was semi-inspired by the 50s-60s beach party movies, and co-starred Corinne Wahl (Penthouse's 1982 Pet of the Year) as buxom all-girl rock band lead singer Joan wearing skin-tight outfits.

Wet-T-shirt Carla
(Sheila Kennedy)

Year 1984
Bachelor Party (1984)

Tagline: "Shocking, Shameless, Sinful, Wicked. And the Party Hasn't Even Started."

[See full description in year 1984]

(Monique Gabrielle)

Blame It On Rio (1984)

Tagline: "She's the Hottest Thing on the Beach. She's Also His Best Friend's Daughter!"

[See full description in year 1984]

(Michelle Johnson)
Hardbodies (1984)

Tagline: " If You Don't Know What They Are, You Don't Know What You're Missing."

[See full description in year 1984]


(Kristi Somers)
Hot Moves (1984)

Tagline: "The Time Had Come For Some 'Hands-On' Experience."

Another archetypal coming-of-age teen comedy from director Jim Sotos was about pubescent males at Venice Beach in Southern California attempting to lose their virginity - a rite-of-passage for these late-night guilty pleasure films from the early 80s.

Before the end of summer break at the start of their senior year, a foursome of inexperienced male friends made a pact to help each other. One of them, Michael was currently unsuccessful with his long-time pretty and sweet girlfriend Julie Ann (Jill Schoelen).

After striking out, they called upon the aid of beach beauty Heidi (Deborah Richter, Miss California 1975), whom they had first spied upon sunbathing naked with two friends. Cult siren and Penthouse Pet Monique Gabrielle was eye-catching as Babs, as was the scene of nude-beach spying with a telescope.

Nude Beach-Spying With a Telescope

A dozen full-frontal nude ladies sunbathed and ran in slow-motion on the beach, to the tune of Chariots of Fire.

(Deborah Richter)

(Monique Gabrielle)

The Party Animal (1984)

Tagline: "A Chemical Reaction Got Him Some Action!"

This R-rated low-budget (Canadian) exploitation comedy flick, written and directed by David Beaird, told about obnoxious, sex-starved 26 year-old redneck campus "fifth-year freshman"-loser Pondo Sinatra (Matthew Causey in his only starring film role) who was on a quest to get laid. He at first sought the assistance of his roommate - Studly (Timothy Carhart).

In this incoherent, low-brow slapstick Faustian morality tale, he bargained his soul for the loss of his virginity, and received his wish (and more) in his small-town university. Goddess Miranda/Mother Nature (Susanne Ashley) heard his plea for sex, and he was provided with a chemistry lab love potion or aphrodisiac that made him sexually irresistible.

But as with any deal with the devil, he became exhausted from continual sexual pursuit ("I am like King Midas - everything I touch turns to poontang!").

The film featured an amazing, oversized sex rocket (giant dildo named Moby-M5), a three-foot long joint, and a large zip-locked bag of coke for snorting.

Two of the more memorable scenes included:

  • Pondo dressed up as a girl with a hairnet, snuck into a coed dorm and entered a nude slumber party. He convinced the females to play strip high card. Soon, five of them were topless and down to panties only
  • A porn shop scene with a conversation about nuclear war proliferation conducted with dildos used as props

Strip Poker Game
Revenge of the Nerds (1984)

Tagline: "They've Been Laughed At, Picked On and Put Down. But Now It's Time For the Odd to Get Even! Their Time Has Come!"

This defining first film was followed by three sequels about the disenfranchised dorks:

  • Revenge of the Nerds II: Nerds in Paradise (1987)
  • Revenge of the Nerds III: The Next Generation (1992)
  • Revenge of the Nerds IV: Nerds in Love (1994), a TV-movie

A typical low-brow Adams College campus 80s comedy had a predictable plot of competition between the underdog brainy computer-science nerds against the brawny jocks fraternity (Alpha Betas) and their rich and bitchy sorority girlfriends at Pi Delta Pi. One of the main goals of the geeks was to spy on, disrobe, and humiliate the pretty coeds. The juvenile antics included setting up surveillance cameras (during a diversionary panty raid) in the Pi Delta Pi bathroom to spy on the beauteous coeds.

Unnamed Pi Delta Pi coed (Colleen Madden) was spied upon by a hidden video camera as she fully undressed. During the spying incident, nerd Booger (Curtis Armstrong) delivered a famous line about the naked coed: "This is bulls--t. I want bush. Pan down. We've got bush!" Takashi (Brian Tochi) often repeated his familiar exclamation: "Oh, Hair pie!"

Pi-Delta-Pi sorority member and blonde cheerleader Betty Childs (Julia Montgomery), girlfriend of the Greek Council President Stan (Ted McGinley), was also peeped upon during a bathroom-shower raid, and photographed (with her nude picture placed on the bottom of a pie plate).

Spied-Upon Sorority Cheerleader Betty Childs (Julia Montgomery)

Other tactics included putting 'Liquid Heat' in the jock straps of the studly football players, and a pot-smoking dance party with a sister sorority of overweight misfits (Omega Mu). The geeks of Lambda Lambda Lambda (Tri-Lambs) eventually triumphed by the film's conclusion (with the song "We Are the Champions") at the annual homecoming fraternity decathlon (the Greek games), including riding tiny tricycles in a race, a pie-eating contest, an arm-wrestling contest, and the longest-belching contest.

Nerds Watching Coed Undressing on Video Feed

Spied-Upon Coed (Colleen Madden)
Where the Boys Are '84 (1984)

Tagline: "When Girls Want a Vacation Filled with Fun, Sand, and Romance, They Go to Fort Lauderdale - Where the Boys Are," and "Where All Your Dreams Come True"

The first Tri-Star Pictures release, by director Hy Averback, was a poorly-reviewed, non-funny remake of the innocent 1960 film. Lynn-Holly Johnson won the Razzie Award for Worst Supporting Actress, and the film received four other Razzie nominations, including Worst Picture and Worst Screenplay. It told about four college coeds on spring break in Ft. Lauderdale, searching for men:

  • Laurie (Lynn-Holly Johnson), a good-time, ready-to-party girl who was surprised to find herself dating a male prostitute (but expressed disappointment when he stripped for her: "So where's the rest of it? I'll see you in small-claims court")
  • Jennie ( Lisa Hartman), a virginal blonde, forced to choose between two men (a nerdy classical pianist and a rocker)
  • Sandra (Wendy Schaal), a slightly prudish, wealthy and spoiled Southern belle brunette, in love with a Mr. Right cop who arrested and jailed her for drunk and disorderly conduct
  • Carole (Lorna Luft), followed by her jealous steady boyfriend

Included was the requisite "Bootleggers Hot Bod" contest (with some brief nudity), drunken orgies, and a life-sized inflatable male doll named Dave. The blow-up doll exploded after practicing "foreplay" that involved nipple-biting:

"So you start out with a simple kiss...He doesn't have herpes, just kiss him...Body-kissing...Start on the mouth, just pretend he's Richard Gere...Now linger there a minute, and slowly move to the cheek, and it tastes like a combination of suntan oil and rubber...You take your lips on either one of his nipples...now you kiss it, and then, feeling very reckless, you gently, gently, but firmly bite it - She killed him!"

(Lynn-Holly Johnson)

"Bootleggers Hot Bod"

Year 1985

The Big Bet (1985)

Taglines: "The Ultimate Teenage Fantasy" and "An Older Woman Helps a Teenager Seduce a Schoolgirl"

[See full description in year 1985]


Beth (Kim Evenson)

Cavegirl (1985)

Tagline: "Rex is taking his first big trip...back 25,000 years!"

[See full description in year 1985]

Eba (Cindy Ann Thompson)
Fraternity Vacation (1985)

Tagline: "Astronomy Major Wendell Tvedt has Studied Galaxies, Charted Planets, and Pondered the Universe. In Palm Springs, He'll Encounter His First Full Moon."

A low-budget, stupid and frivolous teen sexploitation film by director James Frawley, this one featured two horny upper-classman fraternity boys from Theta Pi Gamma (at Iowa State University, seen only in black and white):

  • Larry "Mother" Tucker (Tim Robbins in an early role)
  • Joe Gillespie (Cameron Dye)

The two entered into a contest in Palm Springs, California to get laid by scoring (and winning a $1,000 bet with a rival frat) with beautiful and sophisticated blonde poolside coed Ashley Taylor (Sheree J. Wilson) (with a naked body double Roberta Whitehead). They were accompanied by nerdy Wendell Tvedt (Stephen Geoffreys), whose father provided the borrowed condo during the spring break 'fraternity vacation'.

Barbara Crampton as Chrissie and Kathleen Kinmont as Marianne provided the requisite seduction quotient - actually their appearance was a practical joke. They were the two girlfriends of the rival frat group, who acted sexy in bikinis (Marianne: "Gee, I've always found that four people on a queen-sized bed can be very cozy, haven't you Chrissy?" Chrissie: "Marianne and I are best friends"). Then they became nude by slowly stripping (untying each other's bikinis). They pretended to want sex, but then announced that they had herpes.

Chrissie (Barbara Crampton) and Marianne (Kathleen Kinmont)

Larry & Joe Spying on Coed Ashley Taylor
(Sheree J. Wilson)

Loose Screws (1985) (aka Screwballs II)

Tagline: "More fun than you can shake your stick at!"

[See full description in year 1985]

Convertible Girl
(Laura Potter)

Mischief (1985)

Tagline: "The first time seems like the worst time, but it's the one time you'll never forget!"

[See full description in year 1985]

(Kelly Preston)

Paradise Motel (1985) (aka New Kid in Town)

Tagline: "Where Room Service Comes With More Than a Smile...", and "Sam's Father Had the Best Toy A Son Could Ever Use...His New Motel!"

Director Cary Medoway's cheesy sex comedy told about the sexual adventures of horny teenagers, who convinced put-upon Sam Kehoe (Gary Hershberger) to use his father's 30-room motel's honeymoon suite as a "teenybopper whorehouse" (similar to the storyline of director Billy Wilder's The Apartment (1960)). The Hawaiian-themed motel was advertised as "a free lay with every stay."

Colleen McDermott played the part of Debbie Meyers, one of the first teens to use the room in the motel with Sam's slick and sleazy buddy Mick Thurster (Robert Krantz). Sam had just unlocked the room for the couple, and Debbie had already removed her top and appeared coyly topless before Sam was able to leave (Mick: "How about a little privacy?"). Mick bid Sam goodbye with an: "Aloha."

Topless sunbathing by the motel's pool, Vicki Meyers (Dena Tencate) yelled out: "Hey guys, who has the suntan lotion?" Eager volunteer Sam responded to bring the lotion to her when she teasingly asked: "Could you rub some on me?" She then turned and propped herself on one elbow to look up at him as Sam asked: "Uhm, Vickie...are you doing anything later?" She responded - as she gave him a good look at her breasts: "Why, what do you wanna do?"

As "Girl Leaving Room" (Leslee Bremmer, uncredited) left the motel room after a quickie, her unbuttoned blouse exposed her breasts.

An additional plot point was about Mick and Sam who found themselves competing over the attentions of Laura Phillips (Jonna Leigh Stack).

Debbie Meyers
(Colleen McDermott)

Vicki Meyers
(Dena Tencate)

"Girl Leaving Room"
(Leslee Bremmer)
Private Resort (1985)

Tagline: "Where Every Room Has a Great View."

This was the third in a series of Private... films by producer R. Ben Efraim. It turned out to be an unamusing sex comedy romp about two sex-crazy guys spending a wild weekend in a luxury Miami, Florida resort hotel. The two female-chasing buddies (who were both briefly bottomless) were:

  • Jack (an early screen appearance by Johnny Depp)
  • Ben (Rob Morrow, in his screen debut)

The film opened with the camera scanning oodles of bikini-clad beauties by the resort's pool. One of them had the misfortune of having the top of her bikini pulled off by a fishing hook and pole by a young lad named Georgie (Matthew Levine).

It also featured Police Academy's Leslie Easterbrook as trophy wife Bobbie Sue in a see-thru negligee when she caught Jack in her room, and sexpot Bikini Girl (Vickie Benson) with the skimpiest of blue bikinis. When confronted by the overzealous resort detective Reeves (Tony Azito) at an elevator for having too revealing a bikini and disobeying the dress code, he accidentally exposed her breasts - she slapped him and called him a "pervert."

Bikini Girl (Vickie Benson)
Bobbie Sue (Leslie Easterbrook)
Jack (Johnny Depp)

One of the most remarkable scenes was when crazy, Eastern religion-worshipping Jewish cousin Shirley (Hilary Shepard), worshipping Baba Rama Nana ("the greatest of all spirit forces"), stripped off her clothing to "be totally free," outstretched her arms, told him to strip naked ("You must lose your artificial layers"), and then encouraged Ben, who was becoming aroused: "Gaze upon the face of Baba Rama Nana. Can you see the beautiful light shining from his eyes? Can you feel your spirit growing?" They began chanting: "Come to me!" But he broke the spell by grabbing her irresistible naked body.

Sunbather Losing Top

Shirley (Hilary Shepard) with Ben
Tomboy (1985)

Tagline: "It's Not Just a Man's World Anymore."

[See full description in year 1985]

The Tomboy
(Betsy Russell)
Year 1986
One Crazy Summer (1986)

Tagline: "They're Out of School, Out on Nantucket, and Out of Their Minds. With This Crowd, Anything Can Happen!"

This quirky and wacky teen comedy (a light revenge of the misfits tale similar to Better Off Dead...(1985)) was from writer/director Savage Steve Holland - it was remarkable for being one of the few teen comedies of its era that was non-raunchy.

It featured frustrated cartoonist Hoops McCann (John Cusack), a young art prodigy who was planning on going to art school in the fall. While still needing to complete an art project, he went to Nantucket Island for "one crazy summer" with pal George Calamari (Joel Murray). He found inspiration with a pretty, aspiring singer/songwriter musician named Cassandra (Demi Moore). He helped her to save her family home from evil property developers.

Also included: a yacht-sailing regatta race, the proposed construction of a lobster restaurant by sleazy real estate condo developer Mr. Beckersted (Mark Metcalf) and his spoiled local bully son Teddy Beckersted (Matt Mulhern), who were attempting to take Cassandra's grandfather's home and build another Lobster Log Restaurant.

Also memorable, it featured zany Bobcat Goldthwait as Egg Stork dressed in a Godzilla outfit invading a tea party, and animated interludes.

Cassandra (Demi Moore)

Hoops with Cassandra

Year 1989
Hot Times at Montclair High (1989)

Tagline: "Sex, Drugs...So Who Needs Rock 'N Roll?", and "She's Hot... and They're Not"

Director Jose Altonaga's sex comedy was a routine high school drama about a senior year (and a cross between Revenge of the Nerds (1984) and The Breakfast Club (1985)), in which handsome star football jock Sean Willis (Ross Hamilton), seemingly successful with a cheerleader girlfriend named Jenny Rush (Kim Valentine) and with a scholarship, failed a crucial science test.

Two other individuals would come into play to assist Sean:

  • Jason Miller (Brent Jasmer), a tough, always-in-trouble class punk
  • Zigmond "Ziggy" Karpinski (Johnathan Gorman), a sexually-obsessed, nerdy computer wiz who in dream sequences fantasized about having sex with lingerie-wearing science teacher Miss Hershey (Jonelle Goddard), in a soft-focus setting, and on a lab table

The photography teacher, Mr. Sakamoto, had given his students an unusual classroom assignment - to capture "An Embarrassing Moment" on film. Jason and Ziggy spied on the girl's shower room (providing most of the film's nudity from unknown actresses and a bit from sexpot Bridgette (Kim Anderson)), and their combined weight caused them to fall through the ceiling. They were sentenced to three-weeks detention for their "perverted behavior."

T & A in a Girl's Shower Room Sequence

Also in the detention session, Sean enlisted their support - to help seek revenge against long-haired musician and drug kingpin Dirk Allen (Michael Bates) who had drugged and sexually assaulted girl-next-door Jennie on a 70 foot yacht during a party. She had also become suicidal when Sean angrily broke up with her.

Spied-Upon Shower Scene

Miss Hershey
(Jonelle Goddard)

Susan Amhurst
(Leslie Owen)
Spring Fever USA (1989) (aka Lauderdale, or Spring Break USA)

Tagline: "Where Life's a Beach"

This sexploitation B-movie from writer/director Bill Milling (a former porn director) was about spring fever - a time of all-night parties and pretty females. It told about two males looking for hard-bodies in Florida:

  • Larry Wilson (Darrel Guilbeau), a UCLA student
  • Animal (Jeff Greenman), fat and maniacal

The film also featured porn star Ron Jeremy, and future porn star Janine Lindemulder (as blonde beauty Heather Lipton), in a lengthy bathtub bathing scene. After Larry rescued Heather, she treated him to a bubble-bath and possible love-making, but there were many detours after he went to a liquor store to get a bottle of Dom Perignon for the two of them.

Spring Fever USA Breast-Baring Contest
Rita Durango (Anne Marie Oliver)

The film's highlights: oil-wrestling, bared breasts in Ft. Lauderdale (to the delight of the cheering crowd), a belly-flop and wet-T-shirt contest, and a bikini car wash.

Heather Lipton
(Janine Lundemulder)

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