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Piranha (2010)

Director Alexandre Aja's R-rated exploitative action thriller (with lots of bloody violence, terror and death), available also in 3D, told of the town of Lake Victoria which expanded in size during spring break (filmed at Lake Havasu, AZ), when 20,000 drunken revelers arrived in huge numbers for sun, sex and carousing - and for their own demises.

An underwater tremor ("heavy seismic activity") caused pre-historic man-eating, razor-toothed fish to erupt from a subterranean lake and cause havoc amongst the town's inhabitants, including the coeds. The ravenous fish hunted in packs and were considered "killing machines."

There were numerous underwater POV shots of fiercesome, razor-toothed piranha swimming toward prey, gigantic close-ups of the red-eyed, blood-seeking fish, and an ominous attack of fish on a USGS scuba-diver that left him as a devoured carcass.

A well-endowed parasailing female (Gianna Michaels), who lost her top, had her legs chewed off at the conclusion of her ride. Ignoring warnings, the first coed to be bitten by the pack of piranhas during the wet T-shirt contest (advertised as "DYING TO GET WET") was a female sitting in a round flotation device. Scores of others were bitten as the water deepened red in color.

There was a mad scramble to evacuate from the water - but with the weight of extra bodies unbalancing the floating stage, it began to tip over. A snapped cable from the stage severed the bodies of two blue bikini-clad cheerleaders (Ashlynn Brooke on the left). They watched in horror as their bodies fell apart in sections (one severed top with silicone breasts fell into the water and sank).

Deathly Gore and Boobs
Parasailing Girl

The sleazy emcee was rewarded with cranial explosion and decapitation when crushed by a passing boat motor, splattered onto a nearby busty female. A female's (Genevieve Alexandra) hair/scalp was caught in a boat propeller and ripped off when restarted.

When vulgar "Wild Wild Girls" semi-porn videographer Derrick Jones' (Jerry O'Connell) rented boat The Barracuda was caught on rocks and seaweed, the underwater viewing glass was shattered and the boat filled with water - Derrick and blonde actress Crystal (real-life porn actress Riley Steele) were thrown overboard. One of the piranhas ate through Crystal's stomach and emerged from her mouth.

Derrick's legs and sex organ were viciously attacked. He moaned on deck: "They took my penis." Later, the severed organ was seen floating in the water where it was eaten by a piranha, but then regurgitated - and he soon died of blood loss.

Danni was also fated to die when dangling from a rescue rope extended between two boats - the fish got ahold of her hair, and pulled and pecked at her until she fell and was devoured.

The film's late revelation from aquarium store owner Henry Goodman (Christopher Lloyd) was that the piranhas were "not fully developed" - they had "no mature reproductive organs" - "they're the babies."

The biggest jump-scare came next - a massive piranha jumped out of the water and attacked dive team member/researcher Novak (Adam Scott) after he asked: "The babies. Huh. So, where are the parents?"


Death of Wet T-Shirt Host

Propeller Girl


Derricks' Mutilation


The Final Jump-Scare Death

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