Greatest Films of the 1990s
Greatest Films of the 1990s

Greatest Films of the 1990s
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Title Screen Film Genre(s), Title, Year, (Country), Length, Director, Description

Avalon (1990), 128 minutes, D: Barry Levinson

Awakenings (1990), 121 minutes, D: Penny Marshall

Cyrano de Bergerac (1990, Fr.), 137 minutes, D: Jean-Paul Rappeneau

Dances With Wolves (1990), 181 minutes, D: Kevin Costner

Edward Scissorhands (1990), 100 minutes, D: Tim Burton

Ghost (1990), 122 minutes, D: Jerry Zucker

The Godfather, Part III (1990), 161 minutes, D: Francis Ford Coppola
See Godfather series.

GoodFellas (1990), 146 minutes, D: Martin Scorsese
Based on Nicholas Pileggi's non-fiction book Wiseguys - a definitive and stylish, violent gangster film, with a soundtrack that chronicles the passage of time through three decades of crime (the 50s to the 70s) in the life of a mid-level, aspiring mobster Henry Hill (Ray Liotta). Raised on the streets of a Brooklyn neighborhood, he marries Karen (Lorraine Bracco) and slowly advances up and climbs the Mafioso ladder. With superb performances by Joe Pesci as meanly psychotic wiseguy Tommy DeVito, and Robert DeNiro as paranoid James Conway. In the end as his life unravels, after dealing narcotics and becoming hooked, Hill protects himself and his wife by testifying and becoming part of the federal witness protection program - and being left in anonymous, suburbanized exile.

The Grifters (1990), 114 minutes, D: Stephen Frears

Home Alone (1990), 98 minutes, D: Chris Columbus

The Hunt for Red October (1990), 134 minutes, D: John McTiernan
See series of Jack Ryan films.

Jacob's Ladder (1990), 115 minutes, D: Adrian Lyne

Journey of Hope (1990, Switz./Turkey/UK) (aka Reise der Hoffnung, or Umuda yolculuk), 110 minutes, D: Xavier Koller

Ju Dou (1990, China/Jp.), 95 minutes, D: Yimou Zhang

King of New York (1990, US/It.), 103 minutes, D: Abel Ferrara

Miller's Crossing (1990), 115 minutes, D: Joel Coen

Misery (1990), 107 minutes, D: Rob Reiner

Pretty Woman (1990), 119 minutes, D: Garry Marshall

Reversal of Fortune (1990, US/Jp./UK), 120 minutes, D: Barbet Schroeder

Total Recall (1990), 113 minutes, D: Paul Verhoeven

Wild at Heart (1990), 126 minutes, D: David Lynch

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