Greatest Films of the 1920s
Greatest Films of the 1920s

Greatest Films of the 1920s
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The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (1921), 130 minutes, D: Rex Ingram
Known as the film that raised Rudolph Valentino to stardom, in the role of an Argentinian lover/artist Julio who carries on an affair with Marguerite Laurier (Alice Terry), a lawyer's wife in France during World War I. Memorable for the visit of the Four Horsemen - war, conquest, famine, and death, causing Julio to join the war effort and suffer a sacrificial death. Known mostly for the scene of Valentino's sexy tango dance in a smoke-filled Argentinian cantina.

The Kid (1921), 60 minutes, D: Charles Chaplin
Charlie Chaplin's classic of comedy and pathos, the first film that he wrote, produced, and directed. He plays The Little Tramp who discovers and rescues an abandoned, orphaned baby. He raises the child as his own son (Jackie Coogan), and resists having the child taken away by orphanage officials. Later, the mother reappears and demands to have the baby back.

The Sheik (1921), 80 minutes, D: George Melford
This film created a national phenomenon and Valentino became a great star. An exciting romantic drama starring Rudolph Valentino as Ahmed, the sexy desert Arab sheik, who abducts, charms, and seduces sophisticated English woman Lady Diana Mayo (Agnes Ayres). He wins her heart and then rides to her rescue when she is captured by a rival tribesman.

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