Greatest Films of the 1920s
Greatest Films of the 1920s

Greatest Films of the 1920s
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The Covered Wagon (1923), 83 minutes, D: James Cruze
A landmark silent western film. The story involves a cross-country journey of a wagon train, with Indian attacks and struggles with weather extremes.

Our Hospitality (1923), 74 minutes, D: Buster Keaton, John G. Blystone
An early Buster Keaton comedy with tremendous sight gags. Set in 1850, he plays a son who returns home to the South to claim a family inheritance. Naturally, he falls in love with a beautiful local girl (Natalie Talmadge) who is the daughter of a family in a bloody feud with his family.

Safety Last (1923), 77 minutes, D: Fred Newmeyer and Sam Taylor
One of Harold Lloyd's classic comedies, in the role of the Boy in the big city. In a spectacular stunt sequence, he climbs the side of an eight-story building in a publicity stunt, and hangs from the hands of a large clock in order to win prize money and his girl.

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