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Greatest Movie Plot Twists, Spoilers and Surprise Endings
Film Title/Year and Plot Twist-Spoiler-Surprise Ending Description

Y Tu Mama Tambien (2001, Mex.) (aka And Your Mother Too)

Luisa Knew She Was Dying of Terminal Cancer During Her Road Trip

This unrated tale of sexual discovery told about a road trip by two sexually-active 17 year-old Mexican boys:

  • Julio Zapata (Gael Garcia Bernal)
  • Tenoch Iturbide (Diego Luna)

Their traveling companion was a sexy and wise 28 year-old Spanish beauty - estranged wife Luisa Cortes (Maribel Verdu) of Tenoch's cousin Alejandro (or "Jano"). Their trip was to find a make-believe, idyllic beach named Heaven's Mouth (Boca Del Cielo).

After a journey of self- and sexual discovery with Luisa (who often displayed intermittent tears), the two left her at the beach with a fisherman's family. She said her last words to them:

Life is like the surf, so give yourself away like the sea.

One year later, the two met for coffee and their conversation revealed that Luisa had been terminally ill with cancer during their trip. Although she had visited the doctor about some tests, it wasn't known until the final minutes that she left her unfaithful husband for an end-of-life experience, and had died about a month after their trip.

Young Sherlock Holmes (1985)

Professor Rathe and Ehtar Were the Same Person (Ehtar Was Rathe Spelled Backwards); Rathe Survived a Deadly Swordfight, Signing His Name as "Moriarty" - the Adult Holmes' Future Arch-Nemesis

This mystery/adventure film was about the young schoolboy sleuth Sherlock Holmes (Nicholas Rowe) - and sidekick John Watson (Alan Cox), who were solving their first mystery. It revolved around an ancient, clandestine Egyptian cult (Rame Tep) that worshipped Osiris. A mysterious figure with a hood was shooting victims by blowpipe with thorns (dipped in a hallucinogenic substance), causing delusions and disoriented deaths.

Through his investigations, Holmes discovered that eccentric schoolmaster Professor Rathe (Anthony Higgins), Holmes' own fencing teacher, was villainous and vengeful Ehtar (Watson later figured out that Rathe was Ehtar spelled backwards). When the sleuths tried to rescue Holmes' love interest Elizabeth Hardy (Sophie Ward) after Rathe abducted her, she was sacrificially shot and killed, and died in Holmes' arms. Holmes also fought to-the-death in a sword duel with Rathe, who appeared to die when he tumbled through the surface of an iced-over Thames River.

In the surprising end credits, Ehtar was revealed to still be alive. He signed his name in a guestbook "Moriarty," as the camera closed on his devilish raised eyebrow -- he would live to become Holmes' future literary arch-nemesis and arch-enemy.

Zabriskie Point (1970)

Rebellious Mark Was Shot Dead - A Suspect in a Cop Killing in Los Angeles; In the Finale, Daria Imagined the Apocalyptic End of Materialistic, Capitalistic America

In the explosion-filled finale of Italian director Michelangelo Antonioni's simplistic and failed view of America (the director's only American film), a luxurious, ultra-modern desert dwelling was blown up (seen exploding from almost a dozen different angles). In addition, various consumer items were seen being destroyed in extreme close-up (pool furniture, racks of clothes, a refrigerator sending forth packaged WONDER bread, a TV, and shelves of books).

The devastating explosion was presumably another wish-fulfillment hallucination? of pot-smoking secretary Daria (Daria Halprin) who worked for and was the mistress of LA real-estate tycoon/attorney Mr. Allen (Rod Taylor).

In another plot thread slightly earlier, Daria's lover Mark (Mark Frechette), a student radical wanted as a suspect for killing a policeman during a student strike-riot, returned a hijacked, painted single-engine plane to a Los Angeles area airport, where he was surrounded and shot dead in the cockpit by police after he landed and evaded capture.

The film ended with Daria beaming as she looked up at the house (had it really been destroyed, or was it only in her mind?), and then driving away into the desert, as the camera panned over to view the golden rays of the sun as it set.

Zandalee (1991)

Martin Committed Suicide by Drowning in the Bayou; Zandalee Took A Bullet For Johnny

This erotic, steamy bayou thriller and romantic tragedy by director Sam Pillsbury told about a love triangle in New Orleans between:

  • Zandalee ("Zan") Martin (Erika Anderson), a sexually-starved, free-spirited wife
  • Thierry Martin (co-producer/actor Judge Reinhold), an impotent, southern-drawling, emotionally-distant poet-husband, married to Zandalee
  • Johnny Collins (Nicolas Cage), Martin's long-haired, hipster painter and childhood friend with a goatee and mustache

Bored and frustrated by her life and impotent marriage, the vixenish wife turned to the selfishly-hedonistic, predatory Johnny for uninhibited and passionate sexual encounters. Their self-destructive affair led to Johnny's request that she leave her husband, although she refused and recommitted herself to her marriage. Obsessed by Zandalee, drugged-up Johnny pursued the married couple to the bayou where they went to patch up their relationship, "start clean," wear flowers in their hair, and make love after many months ("See, all our parts work").

A tragic end came to all of them - the cuckolded husband committed suicide in the bayou when he plunged into the water from the speeding boat driven by Johnny - he drowned when he wouldn't allow himself to be saved ("He wanted to be let go").

Back in New Orleans after her husband's burial, Johnny confessed to Zandalee his longing for her: "I can't get you out of me" - but she slapped him: "You don't know anything about love." And then Zandalee sacrificially jumped in front of a bullet intended for indebted Johnny, in a drive-by shooting by a drug lord who yelled out: "You gotta make accounts payable, man." She died in his arms on the street, after which he carried her limp body to the nearby cathedral.

Greatest Movie Plot Twists, Spoilers and Surprise Endings

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