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Pioneering Film-maker Doris Wishman

Prolific adult-oriented, self-taught, pioneering filmmaker Doris Wishman, known as the "Queen of Sexploitation Films," was responsible for many varieties of titillating underground films ("nudies", "roughies", and "skin flicks"). In some cases (among the approximately 30 films that she wrote, produced, cast, directed and edited), she had to take pseudonyms as male directors (Louis Silverman and Kenyon Wintel).

Wishman's films are now regarded as kitsch, drive-in quality pieces of vulgarity and guilty pleasure - paving the way for the films of Roger Corman, Russ Meyers and John Waters. She made 26 features between 1960 and 1977 - her first film was Hideout in the Sun (1960).

Her films over 40 plus years included first, a number of nudist camp films (a total of eight) in the 1960s. She took advantage of the fact that 1957's court rulings for The Garden of Eden (1954) (see earlier) had removed the "nudist film" from censorship.

Nudist Camp Films

The first five nudist films from Doris Wishman were:

Movie Title Screens

Hideout in the Sun (1960)
Shot in late 1958, and released in 1960 - Wishman's debut film, in Easman Color and Nuderama! It was advertised with the tagline: "Escape...to a modern Garden of Paradise... where Nature's sun-kissed daughters walk forth in all their natural beauty!" In the heist tale set in pre-1960s Miami, two bank robbers Duke Martin (Greg Conrad) and his brother Steve (Earl Bauer), who robbed a bank, fled into a nudist camp in Miami (before a plan to escape to Cuba via the ocean), accompanied by kidnapped and car-jacked Dorothy Courtney (Dolores Carlos) in tow (a member of the naturist club). They had to pretend they were nudists while hiding out, to avoid suspicion. As the film ended, Steve and Dorothy fell in love (amidst all the nudists and their activities). [Note: The film was photographed in one of the largest and most beautiful Nudist Camps in Florida.]

Nude on the Moon (1961)
Wishman stretched the limits of censorship laws with this sci-fi nudie film, causing it to be banned in New York state. Its tagline was: "And the Heavens Brought Forth the Wonder of Woman." Young rocket scientist Dr. Jeff Huntley (Lester Brown), after inheriting a fortune of $3 million, constructed a moon rocket with the help of the Professor Nichols (William Mayer). After landing on the moon, the two came upon an alien world inhabited by semi-nude topless moon people looking like Power Rangers. [Note: The shooting location was the Coral Castle in Homestead, Florida.] During his expedition, Jeff fell in love with The Queen of the Moon (Marietta, in a double-role as both the telepathic Moon Queen and Jeff's secretary/love interest).

Diary of a Nudist (1961)
The tagline was: "Woman Reporter Poses as Nudist!" The plot was described: "A Beautiful and Extraordinary Love Story - About a French Girl Who Joins An American Nature Colony." During a hunting trip, conservative newspaper editor Arthur Sherwood (Norman Casserly) of The Evening Times happened to stumble into a nudist camp. To write an expose on the camp in order to shut it down, he sent his female reporter Stacy Taylor (Davee Decker) to pose undercover as a nudist in order to report on the place, but she fell in love with the alternate lifestyle. Sherwood fired Stacy, and then took her place to expose the immorality of the camp himself - and found that he enjoyed it too.

Blaze Starr Goes Nudist (1962) (aka Back to Nature)
Wishman's film was the only feature film starring the busty redheaded burlesque queen (as Herself/Belle Fleming). It was advertised as exhibiting "nature's carefree daughters in all their natural beauty." Intrigued by the idea of a nudist camp, screen siren Blaze Starr (Herself) became a member of the Sunny Palms Lodge in Florida, and became close to the camp's director, Andy Simms (Ralph Young). When she looked like she might forsake or damage her professional career by missing out on press functions, her manager/fiancee Tony (Gene Berk) became worried.

Gentlemen Prefer Nature Girls (1963)

Wishman's film was taglined: "The elemental beauty of nature... so intimate, so revealing!" This contrived plot was about a married nudist couple named Anne (Joan Bamford) and Tom Brooks (Lou Alexion) who worked in a real estate office with a very conservative owner, Mr. Bennett (William Mayer). Tom was fired when the owner of the company discovered that he was a nudist. At the naturist club, Tom discovered that his real estate client Al Jenkins (Gene Burk) was also a nudist camp member. So the two plotted to see if they could change the mind of Tom's boss, by tricking him to come to the club.

Nudist Camp Film: Hideout in the Sun (1960)

Nudist Camp Film: Nude on the Moon (1961)

Nudist Camp Film: Diary of a Nudist (1961)

Nudist Camp Film: Blaze Starr Goes Nudist (1962) (aka Back to Nature)

Nudist Camp Film: Gentlemen Prefer Nature Girls (1963)

Three of Wishman's films from 1963 to 1965 were unavailable for viewing: Playgirls International (1963) (aka Playgirls of Nature) (lost film), Behind the Nudist Curtain (1964) (lost film), and The Prince and the Nature Girl (1965) (only available in German).

Sexploitation Films (or "Roughies")

Next for Wishman in the mid-1960s came a series of grainy, B/W sexual melodramas or sexploitation films, sometimes called "roughies," in which violence and the gratuitous nudity of tragic heroines was depicted, but without explicit sex. Wishman purchased O zestos minas Avgoustos (1966, Greece) - renamed Hot Month of August (1969) and Pyretos (1965, Greece) - renamed Passion Fever (1969) for $4,000 from a struggling film company while vacationing in Greece. Both of the "Adults Only" films were over-dubbed into English (with no regard for the original scripts which were lost) and added about 10 minutes of soft-core scenes (mostly nudity from body doubles with obscured faces).

The tagline for Hot Month of August was: "He blew her cool...She blew his...and her husband blew all in...". It marked the film debut of soft-core star Marie Liljedahl (credited as Ann) as a teen on the beach. And the tagline for Passion Fever was: "He hungered for the hunt....The ANIMAL...destroying every decent girl with INDECENT LOVE!"

Wishman's first attempt at comedy was Keyholes Are For Peeping (1972).

Movie Title Screens - Wishman's "Roughies"

The Sex Perils of Paulette (1965)

Bad Girls Go to Hell (1965)

Another Day, Another Man (1966)

My Brothers Wife (1966)

A Taste of Flesh (1967)

Indecent Desires (1968)

Too Much Too Often (1968)

Hot Month of August (1969)
(aka O Zestos Minas Avgoustos (1966, Greece))
Passion Fever (1969)
(aka Pyretos (1965, Greece))

Keyholes Are For Peeping (1972)

"Roughies" or Sexploitation Melodramas (1960s)
The Sex Perils of Paulette (1965)
Bad Girls Go To Hell (1965)
Another Day, Another Man (1966)
My Brothers Wife (1966)
A Taste of Flesh (1967)
Indecent Desires (1968)
Too Much Too Often (1968)
Hot Month of August (1969)

Wishman's Soft-Core Features

When more explicit sex was demanded in the 1970s, she directed a few soft-core features, although reportedly wasn't present on the set when some of the more revealing sex scenes were shot. Wishman's first soft-core color feature film was Love Toy (1973).

Movie Title Screens

Love Toy (1973)

Satan Was a Lady (1975)

The Immoral Three (1975) (aka Hotter Than Hell)

Come With Me My Love (1976)

Soft-Core Films (mid-1970s)
Love Toy (1973)
Satan Was a Lady (1975)
The Immoral Three (1975)
(aka Hotter Than Hell)
Come With Me My Love (1976)

Chesty Morgan Films

Then, she hit it 'big' with two low-budget thrillers, both starring Chesty Morgan. She was named for her large physical endowments (73-32-36), although there was little sex and only a minor amount of nudity.

Movie Title Screens

Deadly Weapons (1974)
Doris Wishman's notorious and off-beat sexploitation film was advertised as featuring Polish burlesque stripper and star Chesty Morgan's (real name Lillian Wilczkowsky) 73-inch enormous and grotesque bustline (her complete measurements: 73-32-36), with the tagline: "See the mob get busted when Chesty takes her revenge." Chesty starred as Crystal (billed as Zsa Zsa), who performed an unsexy and lethargic striptease in a Las Vegas club to lure a cold-blooded hitman (one eyed 'Hook' Larry played by Gaylord St. James) to her room where she drugged and then smothered him with her mammoth 'deadly weapons' on the sofa -- it was the first of two such murders (to the sound of ten-pins falling).

Double Agent 73 (1974)
The tagline was: "Watch out for the booby traps...They're explosive." Chesty Morgan portrayed Jane Genet, who used a spy camera implanted in her left breast to photograph enemy agents.

Deadly Weapons (1974)
Double Agent 73 (1974)

Wishman's Other Features

Movie Title Screens

The Amazing Transplant (1970)

In this Doris Wishman thriller (with the tagline: "His was the most unique of all... women DIED for it!"), sexual encounters by women wearing gold earrings with Arthur Barlen (Juan Fernandez) led to their rape and death (shown in multiple flashbacks). In the opening, Arthur made love to - and strangled girlfriend Mary (Sandy Eden). The plot revealed that Arthur had a recent penis transplant, but did not know that his donor-friend Felix was a serial rapist who became beserk with women wearing gold earrings.

Let Me Die a Woman (1977)


A semi-documentary about gender dysphoria and sex change, with the tagline: "Born a Man. Let Me Die a Woman. All True! All Real! See a Man Become a Woman Before Your Eyes!" Included was medical transformation post-op, sex reassignment footage after changing a man to a woman, and the notorious chisel scene when a hermaphrodite re-enacted excising his own penis with a hammer and chisel.

A Night to Dismember (1983)

Wishman's 27th feature, an incoherent gory horror cult film with the tagline: "Lust, Betrayal, and Dismemberment...". It told about a recently-released female patient named Vicki Kent (porn star Samantha Fox) from a mental institution-asylum, who went on a killing rampage involving dismemberment (spikings, impalements, stabbings, knifings, etc.). She came from a murderous, cursed family, composed of her two scheming, jealous and conspiring siblings Mary (Diane Cummins) and Billy (William Szarka), who appeared to be framing Mary for the many murders, or were trying to drive her crazy.

Satan Was a Lady (2001)

After a 17 year hiatus (from 1983 to 2000), she made a comeback film - Satan Was a Lady (2001), a remake of her own film from 1975 (starring Annie Sprinkle). This latest lurid pulp melodrama told about a red-haired, curvy dominatrix-stripper and hooker named Cleo Irane (Honey Lauren) who was obsessed with a fur coat. In the opening sequence, she wore a mask as she viciously whipped a bare-backed man until she drew lots of blood.

Dildo Heaven (2002) (aka Desperate Desires)
Although Wishman died in 2002, her last two films were still released after her death.
Each Time I Kill (2007)
(same as above) This last film, shot in 2002, was a teen horror thriller about a magical, mystical locket. If its owner Ellie Saunders (Tiffany Paralta) committed a murder, she could claim a physical attribute of the victim.

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